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See Viridian live at DCW 2023

23 Feb 2023

ICTS is proud to be participating in Data Centre World 2023. Join us at our booth D960 to see Viridian live!

Viridian is our all-in-one security operations management solution that strengthens decision making and improves team performance. We have developed Viridian as a practical solution to ensuring service transparency, based on our direct 40-plus years of experience managing complex guarding operations in high risk and compliance-driven settings. Our vision was to give security operations managers a better way to analyse and keep control of service performance, to maintain resilience however complex their operations, across one site or many. 

Viridian entails 3 components; Manage, Companion and Desktop. All 3 components work together to pull security data in a single platform. With Viridian you can view multiple sites in real-time and measure performance and resilience at any given moment. It is completely customisable and its open architecture enables us to integrate it with multiple other systems.

Its features include: 

  • workforce management

  • activities, resilience and compliance live dashboard

  • semi-automated reporting 

  • lone worker monitoring

  • LMS

Viridian has been developed, tested and proven in real-world, high-security environments; data centres. It was developed with our clients for our clients. 

“We rely on Viridian to optimise ICTS’s own security operations, which is why the technology is guaranteed to keep ahead of competitive trends, always updated, and futureproofed to adapt to emerging risks.”

Join us at booth D960 to find out how we are redefining security operations. 

Named Security Today’s 2022 New Product of the Year.

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