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"Regaining sight of security threats" - don't miss our presentation at DCW 2023

23 Feb 2023

Join our presentation “Regaining sight of security threats” on the 8th March, at 14:55 in the Design, Built & Physical Security Theatre.

Are your physical security methods truly effective, or do they fall short in ensuring your security plan functions and that you’re prepared for potential risks?

While we often rely on measurable performance indicators, these only represent a small portion of the available data. Most KPI systems utilise less than 20% of the 'big picture' information, leaving the remaining 80% discarded. But could this data hold the key to uncovering previously hidden threats?

In our talk, we'll introduce a new approach to regaining sight of the invisible threats – and how to make super-powers more…standard.

Join us to find out how we can regain sight.

8th March at 14:55 in the Design, Build and Physical Security Theater.

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