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Your physical security just got   smarter 

Viridian is the next step in...

...evolution of physical security

Developed by ICTS, Viridian ensures the real-time compliance and resilience of your physical security operation, all in one comprehensive, customisable platform. 

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AI & ML analyse and  contextualise data streams to dynamically assess risk and calculate optimal service delivery paths based on  live threat-data and operational activities. 

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Minimise human error

By encompassing all relevant security activities, we ensure that human error is reduced. All officer activities and incidents are captured and monitored in real-time. It also shows to what extent the site is secured currently by showing the site's resilience score. This ensures that any errors are appropriately identified, escalated, and resolved before causing further issues.   

Optimize compliance

By digitising and capturing compliance into a set of easily accessible and visible real-time data we ensure that reporting errors are reduced. As such you can monitor our operations and performance reliably and simply. 

Reduce reporting time

By centralising all relevant reports and automating several reporting aspects we ensure that reporting time is reduced. Several hours previously spent on reporting can now be more effectively utilised while also saving money. 

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With Viridian you can have paperless operations. We calculated that with Viridian we can save approximately 1 tree per site in a year. 

Let's strive towards a greener world.

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